Intelligence is Unstoppable


What is The Singularity? Version SIAI

The Singularity Institute for Artificial Intelligence was founded in 2000 with the goal of preventing humanity's destruction by UnFriendly Artificial Intelligence. Since then, the scope of their mission has grown along with the organization itself. Funded primarily by PayPal billionaire and Facebook board member Peter Thiel, the SIAI now has plans to enlist prominent scientists to aid their mission, →

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-08-27

RT @futureaware: Michael Vassar Google Talk on Transitions from Scholarship to Darwinian Science #future # Hank Pellissier offers a transhumanist take on the Singularity Summit #ss2010 # Are ants the key to Artificial Intelligence? # RT @bunkersofa: It's not all about Kurzweil. The Singularity has multiple definitions, depending on the thinker. # RT @gbboy: Definition: #Singularity intelligence explosion caused by →

Theories of a AI-Free Future

Berkeley professor of philosophy Hubert Dreyfus is one of the preeminent critics of the idea of Artificial General Intelligence. Dr. Dreyfus, a phenomenologist best known for his work on Heidegger, believes that there are basic ideational reasons why AGI is not possible. The main reasons are a) that AI researchers use faulty reasoning when considering biological models of →

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-08-20

At #singularitysummit Michael Vassar proposes separate communities that sometimes communicate leads to intellectual progress # Kurzweil: Faith required to conceive of consciousness, artificial or otherwise #ss2010 # Is the notion that we now have"all of human knowledge in a few strokes of the keyboard" a bit overstated at least? #ss2010 # Ben Goertzel may be able to convince me there is a connection →

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-08-13

Singularity Hub: We Live in a Jungle of Artificial Intelligence that will Spawn Sentience # The empathetic Nao Robot, profiled in the Guardian # Powered by Twitter Tools

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-08-06

The Singularity: talking in pirate vs. pastrami on rye # Robert Anton Wilson on Moore's Law. And a lot of scrolling pyramids # New site for ACCELERATION- a documentary in production w/Singularity themes-thx for support/feedback # Powered by Twitter Tools

Singularity 101

Looking for a quick way to understand the Singularity? Perhaps "quick" may be a little bit of an overstatement, but GOOD online magazine has a fairly easy to access series that, penned in part by the Singularity Institute's Michael Anissimov, can bring you up to speed.

Machine Learning – The Complete Stanford Course

Want to learn more about Machine Learning- a lot more? Check out this course from Stanford's Engineering Department. All 20 sessions are available on YouTube. Hint: Math is helpful.

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-07-31

Jaron Lanier on the Singularity # Plan to head back to San Francisco in a couple weeks for Singularity Summit. Still ironing out details but dm me if you're around! # Powered by Twitter Tools

Too banal for science fiction

Corey Doctorow introduces us to Rudy Rucker, who has taken the novel step of creating specifically non-Singularity-themed science fiction plots to break up the monotony. In other words, it is rather challenging for SF creators to imagine a world in which technology does not take over. Of course, we were promised flying cars.

The Singularity- not a bean can buy

How Much it Matters to Know What Matters: A Back of the Envelope Calculation from Singularity Institute on Vimeo. Anna Salamon of the Singularity Institute explains why putting resources into planning for the Singularity is statistically rational.

Is your intelligence accelerating?

Welcome to, the internet connection to the documentary ACCELERATION which is currently in development/early production.  As the film is made and released, this site will be a way to connect and to share information about the ideas around the Singularity and where the acceleration of technology is heading. Please take a minute to join our mailing list to get information →